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XCB FOREX LTD is officially registered in the United Kingdom. Company Number is : 10241655

About Us

How it started?

I have always known in which area of economic activities the establishment of new overview and progress in the world of finances can be most comfortable and productive for me personally. For me, the fact that the perspective and progressive development of my business directly depends on the world of online investment has been obvious. While making a decision on what and how I will do within the following 50 years, I did not hesitate a minute. For me, the dynamically developing branch of economy connected with investments has always been the main and priority way of self-fulfillment and bringing my ideas to real life. While understanding that the help and support of equal-minded people is vital to implement my ideas, I came into the area of online investment with my fellow students and friends with whom I studied in Oxford. It was in 2004. Recent University graduates, certified financiers and economy experts, we were full of optimism and assurance in our strength and capacities.

Business Interests formation

However, real situation has become not so simple and obvious. And at that time already we understood that it would be very difficult to implement even the most interesting, pure and perspective idea. Using much time and effort, we had to bring into compliance our ideas and what actually happened on international investment markets. And this path was long and uneasy. We understood that only our own experience received at the cost of losses and mistakes, at the cost of first victories and achievements, can lead us to the final success where we all are striving to be. We understood that noone would be able to teach us how to become successful industry leaders. We understood that it is impossible to just buy knowledge and experience. And that titanic work, determination and insistence are needed for that. Understanding these questions has made our team stronger and more unified. For the next five years, we were forming main monitoring principles of investment offers at the world stock exchange markets and the strategy of allocation of investment funds at the world leading trade platforms. Besides, simultaneously with the construction and formation of trade strategies, the team of professionally trained traders, logistic specialists, programmers and lawyers was being formed as well. Their task was to search for optimum ways to receive maximum profit from the invested funds at zero loss risk rates. Within the process of this activity, we have managed to determine for ourselves the most optimum ways of trade and application of our investment efforts. Thus, a circle of our team's business interests was formed.

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